Acapella Street Corner Voical Groups

Here is a book that is sure to bring back those golden memories of years gone past.This book is a definitive book on singing groups who sang and made acappella recordings for commercial use during the 1960s.The book is divided into four sections:history,architects of acappella,street corner vocal groups and discography.


This book will help the reader understand why street corner singing groups were so important in the development of the oldies market, the preservation of the R&B group sound of the 1950s and the reissue of 1950s vocal group recordings.This book is important because it is the first to document vocal groups who made acappella recordings. Groups listed include 50s and 60s groups such as The Shells,Nutmegs,Ad-Libs and many others.The reader will be pleasantly surprised and informed.This book is a must for vocal group enthusiast and record collectors.