How To Care For A Sex Doll

The cost of a sex doll is not just when you buy it from the store. The expense extends to caring for it–cleaning, maintaining, and not abusing it. It’s a responsibility many consumers overlook, so they find themselves buying another in just weeks. In this article, you will learn everything you need to do to retain the quality of your sex doll.

Lube is vital to your play.

Never use your sex doll without any lube. Most sex dolls come from silicone material. You might think that as long as it does not hurt your genitals, then it’s all well. But your sex doll can easily tear and wear off in less than a week of use. Moreover, the quality gets better when you incorporate lube by warming it in your hand before putting it inside the sex doll figure.

The best type of lube for frequent sex and that is best for your sex doll is the water-based one. Oils are hard to clean, and scented ones can turn smelly when you do not like cleaning your sex doll every after use.

Store your sex doll properly.

When caring for a sex doll, proper storing is needed to retain its external qualities like color and preventing indentations. What people usually do is to store them without any clothing, and if you do not prefer that, then put loose clothing to it. This is so if the temperature gets extreme, the color will not transfer to the clothing.

Clean your doll.

Seriously, clean it constantly. Wash its hair and use good shampoo to retain the quality of the hair. Also, never forget to dry its hair before you store them back. Clean it every after use so it does not turn smelly after some time. Any dirt to it, if you stick your genitals to it, will be detrimental to your health, too. There are sex toy spray cleaners available, or use warm water with antimicrobial soap to wash it.

Consistently check for repairs.

You do not want to get attached to your sex doll only to find out paying for its repair would be tantamount to buying a new sex doll. Most sex dolls come with a repair kit for you to navigate through any problems yourself. From time to time, caring for a sex doll means checking its quality and making sure it’s in the best condition.